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Shamanic year-journey

“We all long to come home to somewhere we've never been - a place we half remember, half visualize, a place we only glimpse every now and then. Community. There are people somewhere with whom we can speak from the heart, without the words getting stuck in our throat. Somewhere a circle of hands opens to receive us, eyes light up as we enter, four voices with us coming into our own strength. Community means a force that bundles our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we are not standing firm. A circle of healing. A circle of friends. A place where we can be free. ”

- STARHWAK (Book 'Spiral Dance')

Take some time for yourself and let the text take effect.

Keren: ”For a long time I have searched for the right words to describe what takes place in my heart when I think about this journey, in full
trust I now share these words with you.

To me, a journey sounds better suited to the content than a training. For a long time I deliberated and weighed what is covered. A training sounds like DO, training something, assuming that something is not yet present or not sufficiently present.
A journey is a journey, a journey that you take on with yourself.
The adventure, the unknown, you go on a journey to re-member who you really are.

I do not pretend that I am enlightened, advanced in the spiritual field, or "done" with what I have learned. I mainly consider myself determined and a beautiful piece of work in progress. Like you, I am a woman who learns, grows, laughs and cries. I make mistakes. I sometimes step on someone's toes. Sometimes I am afraid and I sometimes doubt myself. I still take matters personally. Sometimes I feel invincible, sometimes fragile and vulnerable. In the meantime I have learned that all these parts are mine, hear me, also the parts that I am less fond of and I cherish them all.

There is no standard template on the way to finding yourself, there is no role model to follow, no knight in shining armor to save you, and no enlightened master, loving guru or powerful shaman to show you who you really are in the blink of an eye.

I would like to invite you to go on a journey together, a journey that you take alone, surrounded by helpful sisters and a tour guide. You turn your gaze inward to say YES to yourself, to see through your debris, noise, your resistance, stagnations and clutter and to clean up so that you can stand more in your radiant power as a beautiful woman in your life.

If you think ... "yes but", or ... "this is not for me", or ... "I've already done so much", know that it's a life long journey. Every step you take is a layer of the onion that you peel off. If you dare to embark on the journey with yourself without fixating on a result, you will find that you learn to harmonize with life along the way. In the surrender, you will find flow. You find yourself in the flow.

This annual journey represents a sacred connection with yourself, a sacred union of women who heal, smile and grow.

The most important thing for embarking on this journey is that you are willing to give up who you think you are in favor of who you really are.

You are whole. You are powerful. You are divine.

If you don't love yourself all the time, if you don't honor every fiber of who you are, if you struggle to embrace your powers and recognize passion, if you can use more playfulness and simplicity in your life, then the HIGHEST TIME is NOW , for an inner revolution. For THIS journey! ”

It is five weekends that will take place in ten months.
By means of various rituals and initiations we go into the four directions. In which we connect with the themes and the energy of the wind direction and ourselves. The fifth weekend is the sweat lodge. We connect with the essence of feminine power, with the wisdom of the female lines and the primal womb.

IT'S THE HIGHEST TIME, NOW! It's time to get your
release feminine flow and awaken the knowledge that you carry deep within your belly and your bones.
We awaken your body, your sensuality and your life energy!
Your yoni, your womb, your ovaries, and your cervix are sacred gateways through which Life flows. To reconnect these with your heart, to remain present with everything you encounter in this… STAY! Listen!
Melt! Defrost! Release! Soothe! BREATH.
This allows your YIN energy to flow completely. Your body may be inhabited.

In a circle of women we connect and we will create a clause for each other in which we support each other. This is something that is exciting for most of us, a group of women, because we have lost the origin of who we are. We have forgotten that it is nice to carry, support and receive each other as sisters. We reflect each other in a circle of women. In every woman you come across parts of yourself where you find recognition, challenged
is becoming. Some are nice, others evoke resistance. We will hit each other's pain, anger and sorrow. We will encounter patterns of rejection.

Would you like to read more about the content of the weekends and what to expect? Through this link.

Practical details:

No new dates planned for the time being in 2022 due to pregnancy. Do you want to stay informed?

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Are you curious about experiences?

“Last weekend I attended the retreat Rite of the Womb van Keren at a beautiful location in Drenthe. Now, 3 days later, I am still looking for words that somewhat cover the meaning. This is only so difficult, because you actually must have been there yourself. I'm going to give it a try.

From a young age I taught myself to shut off my feelings when something is difficult for me. Over the past 40 years I have further developed this 'skill'. It served me for a long time, but for a year or two the desire to feel prevailed and I started my journey at Keren.

The Retreat is a gift for yourself. Sometimes confronting, sometimes painful, but above all very beautiful. Through various exercises and ceremonies I managed to get to my grief and for the first time as long as I can remember I cried heartbreaking. The cold in my abdomen gave way to a glowing feeling; for me a sign that energy is flowing back to the right places.

Thank you dear Keren, for your attention, love and support when it was needed. I would love to be there again next time! ” -S.

“What a magical weekend it was! With powerful meditations, healings and rituals, Keren created a soft and safe bed, which allowed me to surrender myself to the process. I breathed, cried, laughed and danced like never before. I felt so much lighter and more joyful because I had gone through my deepest sorrow and my energy was able to flow again. The weekend really transformed me. Thank you, dear Keren! ” - M.