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Rite of the Womb


13 de rite van de Munay-Ki – Rite of the Womb Ceremonies

RETREAT Uterine healing floor weekend

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The Rite of the Womb - or the 13th Munay-Ki initiation - is part of nine rites of passage by the Q'ero shamans of Peru. As the name suggests, the womb is central to this ritual. The womb is a place where many women (often unconsciously) store fear, tension, sadness and trauma from this and past lives. The ritual aims to bring the woman and the womb back to their origin of love and creation and to release all the pain and loss that is stored in it. This ritual is also great for men who want to connect with their feminine energy.

The 13th Rite is a gift to yourself. Through the energy of initiation, which is both a healing and a blessing, the feminine power is reactivated. The collective feminine energy has been denied, suppressed and misused for centuries. As a woman you consciously or unconsciously bear the pain and sorrow of your mother and grandmother (s) or injuries from a distant past.
The healing takes place on an individual and collective level.

“The womb is not a place to hold fear and pain;
The womb is a place of creation and birth of life. ”

At the end of this movie you can see what receiving this Womb ceremony looks like. Women without a uterus can of course also receive the Rite. This ceremony is of value to every woman.

When the woman is not in contact with her belly and womb, she experiences disharmony in her life. This can manifest itself in various ways, such as:
You experience a constant presence of stress.
Your relationship or sexual life is not right or does not flow well.
You feel like you are not living the life you would like to live, that you cannot be yourself or show yourself. You are constantly giving, giving yourself away.
You are not allowing yourself to receive.

The disharmony can manifest itself in the absence of pregnancy. Also in menstrual complaints, lack of menstruation or extreme menstruation.
In terms of behavior, it can express itself in submissive behavior, adapt you, or hide. And of course the opposite of that: dominant behavior, rigidity and self-centered behavior.

In short, your life does not flow quite the way you want. Life hurts. This pain, tension, sadness, loneliness, anger, trauma are all stored in your womb. That is why we prefer to stay out of there and go 'locked' (this can manifest itself in a different way for everyone). The womb is the very place of our creativity, creation, and wisdom.

The past year has been a year for me in which I allowed a lot of healing in my womb myself. Much grief and sorrow has been released. I myself experience this as a 'liberation' on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

When the natural balance in the womb is restored, the way is cleared for the vital life energy, creative and sexual flow, strength and wisdom. I experience that as a deeper connection with my true life force and creative force.

During the ceremony everyone makes contact with what they can and wants to let go of at that moment. Then a place arises from which you feel the power of creation to give that what you want to manifest space to let it unfold through you.

The Rite is carried over by the Womb Keeper (me, in this case). This is a healing energy transfer from the cosmic womb to your womb. The ritual is healing, cleansing and liberating. You are reborn in your being a woman, your beauty, your dignity, your purpose.

In addition to the one-on-one uterine healing processes that I do, the ceremony of the Rite is a magical moment of connection. Step by step I will assist you to reconnect with your womb and your belly. YOUR CORE.

Through my own grief, pain, tension, and trauma that I have experienced, and continue to experience, I am in deep contact with my womb. That means that I can assist you in this process full of love connection.
My process is one of feeling my blockages, accepting and accepting the pain. By inviting forgiveness and healing, I get deeper and deeper into my strength, so that I can assist other women to come into their strength. It is always a special experience to be able to guide women through this process.

See also if necessary Rite of the Womb site.

Costs: I think it is important that money is not an issue to give yourself this gift. It is important that the circle is in balance on an energetic level. That means that I give energy and you return energy so that there is balance. How the energy returns is up to you.
You may give a donation, you may make something that you like, a flower, a stone, a service in return, perceive what feels to you as what you can give at the moment.


“Annemiek- June 2020
I thought it was a very special meeting! Somehow I could feel your energy so well, with great integrity, but your pain from what has been was also tangible. I thought it was special that you opened your heart like this, without reservation or embellishment. I've never seen anything so pure! It therefore has a healing and heart-opening effect on the group, including me. You let us get so close. I felt a lot of love from you to us and us to you. Wonderful to experience ✨ Thanks for the pure encounter ???? ” (more experiences .. READ MORE)


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Keren Cogan is officially one Sacred Womb Keeper.