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Marjolijn- Feb 2021

Retraite Rite of the Womb

What a magical weekend it was! With powerful meditations, healings and rituals, Keren created a soft and safe bed, which allowed me to surrender myself to the process. I breathed, cried, laughed and danced like never before. I felt so much lighter and more joyful because I had gone through my deepest sorrow and my energy was able to flow again. The weekend really transformed me.
After my two miscarriages, I was unable to conceive. It seemed important to me to completely clean up my uterus to make it a nice house, so that my baby would feel welcome. During a retreat that I attended with her, Keren recommended the Gogowi steam herbs to help with the process. A month later I was pregnant!


Sharon- nov 2020

Retraite Rite of the Womb

Last weekend I attended the Retreat Rite of the Womb van Keren at a beautiful location in Drenthe. Now, 3 days later, I am still looking for words that somewhat cover the meaning. This is only so difficult, because you actually must have been there yourself. I'm going to give it a try.

From a young age I taught myself to shut off my feelings when something is difficult for me. Over the past 40 years I have further developed this 'skill'. It served me for a long time, but for a year or two the desire to feel prevailed and I started my journey at Keren.

The Retreat is a gift for yourself. Sometimes confronting, sometimes painful, but above all very beautiful. Through various exercises and ceremonies I managed to get to my grief and for the first time as long as I can remember I cried heartbreaking. The cold in my abdomen gave way to a glowing feeling; for me a sign that energy is flowing back to the right places.

Thank you dear Keren, for your attention, love and support when it was needed. I would love to be there next time!


Annemiek- June 2020

Rite of the Womb

I thought it was a very special meeting! Somehow I could feel your energy so well, with great integrity, but your pain from what has been was also tangible. I thought it was special that you opened your heart like this, without reservation or embellishment. I've never seen anything so pure! It therefore has a healing and heart-opening effect on the group, including me. You let us get so close. I felt a lot of love from you to us and us to you. Wonderful to experience ✨ Thanks for the pure encounter 🥰

Marja- June 2020

Rite of the Womb

Very nice to be able to experience this beautiful ritual. I experienced a feeling of beauty, love, gratitude and fullness during and after the ritual.
Keren's guidance is honest and without judgment. Thanks!

Pauline- June 2020

Since I coach and guide female entrepreneurs myself, I know how important it is to seek help from other healers. That could be for crucial decisions in my life or for unexpected physical discomfort. These are the moments when I feel that I myself have a blind spot for my further healing. That is why I appreciate Keren's way of treating her so much: she is based on equality and has the gift of showing me my own blind spot without judgment. Through conversation, but especially when I am lying on the treatment table.

So recently we found out that there was a package of trauma and tension in my uterus that jolted itself out. The relaxation I felt afterwards was immense!

In the conversation that followed, I gained more insight into what had happened, and my brain was also able to relax. The confidence that Keren has in my becoming whole is contagious: afterwards I felt more in touch with my unique Self and more confident in my actions.

Thank you Keren!

Janneke- May 2020

Very nice personal reading with jokes in between. Keren's reading was a wonderful life conversation with insights that make you think and touch you. Now in possession of a beautiful stone that feels good. Recommended!

Ronald- April 2020

“Just a feedback on your group meditation.
Beforehand I already felt the push to participate for the enormous courage that you radiate and I can now also allow it.
Was funny, for part of the meditation I sat talking to your soul, felt like a transfer of courage indeed
from you to me. Just apart from the meditation itself.
In it I experienced that a layer of my root chakra went off, so that I opened more from below to the earth.
Special. And also healing on my prostate. Comical egg was fun, with my late twin sister together. And then
in the water I was able to surrender to water / nature for the first time ever. ”

Didi- dec 2019 

"My friend and I have been trying to have a baby for over 3 years. In principle, there is nothing physically wrong with us, but still it does not work and after 7 IUI's, 1 miscarriage and 2 IVF relocations we are still unwanted childless. Because the hospital couldn't find anything and insists that it should just work, I decided to look for it a bit more between heaven and earth and on a spiritual level. That's how I got to Living Wholehearted uit. I felt right at home the first time I got there. Not only is it calm and serene, but it also smells wonderfully of essential oils, incense and inner peace. Turning is warm, loving and understanding and talking to her feels like you've ended up in a hot bath. She doesn't judge, but she only listens to what you and your body tell her. During the first two sessions we talked – ok, me – mostly and although Keren hasn't done anything at the time (at least, I hadn't been on the treatment table at the time, but I'm 100% sure that she did everything on an energetic and spiritual level), I immediately felt much better. In particular, Keren's comment that whatever the outcome would be, I had to trust that that was the right outcome for me, I had a lot to gain from.

In later sessions she treated me and did The Rite of the Womb with me. During this ritual (for which I only had to lie comfortably under a blanket) Keren “mapped” my womb and looked at where the blockages were. She told me that my uterus was cold and that it contained a lot of fear and grief about loss. Now we are working to make sure that my womb can warm up again and to let go of that fear and that sadness.

I am became pregnant in January 2020, with the help of Keren and Hartragen Leven. “

Guido- dec 2019

“My head is often very busy with thoughts about what I have to do, what I have to achieve, why all that is not possible, etc. etc.

With the right questions and comments, Keren knows very well how to reveal where the pain is and what the underlying wishes are. That is quite exciting, but at Keren it feels safe and familiar to me.

So familiar that I dared to undergo a healing. In addition, I experienced what can happen if my head tries less hard; I came into contact with what I really want, felt how nice and beautiful that is, and what is possible.

Thank you Keren! I am very happy that we met. ”


Sharon- dec 2019

“I have known Keren for a number of years and she has always had a listening ear and at certain times gave some direction to my life. When I heard that she was starting her own practice, I immediately made an appointment.

I am someone who is always in the head and has difficulty getting in touch with my feelings. I came to her with this question. In the months that followed, I had different treatments using different methods.

For example, we have conversations about issues that I encounter and through the laying on of hands, gemstones, cards and singing bowls she sets me in motion. It seems like my energy is going to flow and afterwards I feel more balanced.

When I walk out the door, I feel like a different person. I am calm, can really breathe again and in the past few months I have started to feel. Pretty scary at first, but I'm starting to reap the first benefits now. After a long time I found my so-called gut feeling (or intuition) again, so that I get more into a flow and the right things cross my path. I dare to trust myself again, because it is good as it is.

Thank you Keren, for all the good care. I look forward to our next meetings! ”


Astrid- Dec 2019

“In the past year, Keren has helped me enormously to 'clear up rubble' emotionally and to get closer to myself again. She is very intuitive, so she has a good sense of how I feel and what does me good when I am with her. I am also glad that we are on a quest together, instead of her telling me what I should do. In addition to someone who knows how to sense well, so also someone who listens well. My last year would have looked very different without Keren's support and I am really looking forward to the progress and insights we can make in the coming year! ”


Freek- Dec 2019

“I ended up at Keren with a swollen knee due to a strained / torn knee ligament. Because of her warm and open personality and fine explanation of what to expect, she immediately created a safe atmosphere.

During the session, Keren felt exactly where the blockages were in my leg and started working with them. She knows very well what she is doing and brings everything with peace and confidence.

After an hour, which seemed to have flown by, I was able to move a lot better. What was even more surprising, however, is that a few hours after the session I saw the moisture in the knee shrink to more than half!

For me an extraordinary experience, which has done a lot of good.

Thank you very much, Keren! ”


Jacqueline- dec 2019

“From the very first moment, Keren's people and way of working intrigued me!

And so fortunately for me no coincidence that Keren came my way!

After that our journey started together and by combining different techniques and shapes Keren has a very nice treatment method!

There is a nice balance both mentally and physically.

You start to tell and when things have been exchanged there you can take a seat on the treatment table.

And that's where the magic happens! It is so wonderful how the hands and the singing bowls are a warm bath that you do not want to get out of! Supported by the gems that are needed every time you go out the door healed and tidy!

Every time at Keren is really a gift of healing for yourself. ”


Terah – dec 2019

“Keren is credible as a therapist because she is very open about her own path and what she is going through herself. Her vulnerability makes it easier for me to be too.

When she's given me treatment, something always happens. Usually not directly and it is always something different. When I've been with her, it seems like I'm closer to my own core, to my gut feeling, my intuition, my body awareness. Or I suddenly manage to let go of something that doesn't serve me.

In 2020 I would like to learn from her how I can restore this contact with my essence myself, if I lose it again. ”