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Life in the 21is century is busy and hectic. We run from pillar to post, have choice stress, have to do all kinds of things and stare blindly at things that don't really matter, such as beauty, money, power and possessions. We have forgotten that we too have emerged from Mother Earth, that we are subject to the ebb and flow of the universe and no longer know how to listen to our body instead of our ratio.

Heart-borne living means being able to listen to yourself, be guided by your belly, speak from your heart and make contact with nature and with others. Heart-borne living means that you are in balance. With nature, the universe and with others, but especially with yourself. Only when we are in balance, do we experience flow, are we open to receive and can we really give ourselves, whether this is at home, at work or in love.

Would you ... like to find the answers to your own life questions? Want to experience more peace and freedom? Want to make decisive choices? Want to feel energetic and feel good in your own body? Want to be closer to yourself and others? Want to create your own safety?

Then let me assist you in your search for yourself. Together we will search for what heart-borne living means to you, we will make contact with your deepest fears, wishes and desires and you will see that you will be singing your own truth in no time.

In my reading- a healing sessions I tune in to your physical, energetic and astral body.
During the healing you will be more deeply connected with your higher Consciousness and soul parts. Sometimes it is necessary to first get rid of practical and physical complaints, then we start with that. During the session you will receive practical and clear information in answer to your questions. In addition, I give you applicable tools to integrate spirituality and holism into your daily life and in this way - I assist you - to achieve your full potential.

I also guide highly sensitive adults and children who have difficulty in joining the current system.

If you want to read more about ME you can get there link .

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